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We have lost any contact with him since 2010, when after he initially agreed to reform he disappeared. We hope he is ok of course.





Announcement: Some of you may be aware that for the last two years we have been locked in a legal battle with Paul Gilmartin (ex-drummer) regarding his registration of a trademark on our logo. He used said trademark to pass himself off as The Danse Society and attempted to stop us from playing as a band by contacting venues claiming they were the ‘legal’ version of the band. The facts are that he resigned from the band at the beginning of 2014 in the middle of a tour, and in doing so relinquished any rights to the band and band name, which never ceased to trade.


It wasn’t until we had messages from a festival promotor that had booked our band to play some 9 months after his resignation, that we found out about the underhanded trademark registration and attempts to stop us playing. This was two years ago and since then we have had to endure many lies, slander and bullshit. NO MORE – Today the decision came through that we had won the appeal and we now own the trademarks to the name and logo of the band, his registration is cancelled.


I am delighted with the verdict, the truth will out, as they say, and we can now continue on with gigs, recordings etc without the constant hassle and trolling. For us it’s about the music, about creating and performing and enjoying the compositions that are The Danse Society. He can have a couple of days grace to re-name his band, and remove our logo from his promotion but in the words from the film Highlander “There can be only one!”


If you were told there was another band with the same name, we are sorry but as you can see it was undoubtedly a hoax.

Ex band members count only Steve Rawlings, David Whitaker, Lyndon Scarfe, Tim Wright, Martin Roberts and Paul Gilmartin.

Any other names claiming to be part of the band are sadly deluded.


Thank you for your patience, your support and your love, we will do our best to repay it to you ten-fold over the next year and beyond. Looking forward to seeing you all out on the road!

We’re so happy :)

A more detailed and comprehensive statement will appear on the website over the next week or so.




Thank you for your support.




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