2015 NEWS

2015 news


19th December 2015


Below, a couple of shots from today's rehearsals.

13th November 2015


Tonight TDS and more fab music are on Italian Energy Radio with Mirella Catena on OVER THE WALL.

1st November and 6th December 2015:


In the mighty Dave Charles radio show again, along with more and more cracking music! Cheers Dave!

31st October 2015:


We're back on BBC RADIO! Oh what a way to celebrate Samhain (or Halloween if you prefer). Definitely a good TREAT! Have fun, Dansers!

31st October 2015:


'VI' is reviewed in Italy again, on n.22 of WISDOM MAGAZINE. (Click on the banner on the right to read it).

23rd October 2015:


Fresh review on NOISE BRIGADE for 'VI'. "confirm the band as one of the most powerful of the old scene, along with Killing Joke". (Click on the banner on the right to read it).

20th October 2015:


The first review of 'VI' is up and in France! Many thanks to GUTS OF DARKNESS! (Click on the banner on the right to read it).

Head to bbc.co.uk/introducing, upload your music and you could have your tracks broadcast on BBC Radio

1st October 2015:


It's celebration time! All the copies of VI on CD have arrived today and we will dispatch all your orders by the end of this week.

The limited edition RED VINYLS will arrive sometimes in Dacember and will be posted as soon as we receive them. If you ordered the BUNDLE version of VI, your CD will be sent now and the vinyl will be sent separately in December free of charge. Thank you.


28th September 2015:


VI playlist. Digital download is available on AMAZON and ITUNES but only on our website it is discounted. Check our SHOP PAGE.

30th September 2015:


'DANGEROUS' is on tonight on ROCKWEB RADIO (IT). Cheers Gianluca!

4th September 2015:


TDS are proud to announce the title of the 6th studio album is 'VI'. It will contain 10 brand new tracks and will be available on digital download, CD and 300 copies limited edition on RED VINYL. More details will be released soon. CDS are available from the 25th September. Vinyls TBA.

4th September 2015:


TDS are proud to announce the title of the 6th studio album is 'VI'. It will contain 10 brand new tracks and will be available on digital download, CD and 300 copies limited edition on RED VINYL. More details will be released soon. CDS are available from the 25th September. Vinyls TBA.

11th September 2015:


After the lyric video of AWESOME, today we are shooting STAR WHISPERER. With the precious hand made artworks from artist Sean Taylor, STAR WHISPERER is a very old fashioned basic animation completely manual. Watch this space!

(on the right, a sneak preview of some of the images)

27th September 2015:


While we wait for the first reviews to pop, feedbacks from our Dansers are arriving! Here's a fabulous one. Please keep them coming. Thank you Robert! x

27th September 2015:


While we wait for the first reviews to pop, feedbacks from our Dansers are arriving! Here's a fabulous one. Please keep them coming. Thank you Robert! x

16th August 2015:


Maeth and Paul are interviewed on DAVE CHARLES show.

Click on the banner on the right to listen to the whole show.

Cheers Dave! It was a honour to chat with you x

6th August 2015:


TDS are proud to announce the title of the 6th studio album is 'VI'. It will contain 10 brand new tracks and will be available on digital download, CD and 300 copies limited edition on RED VINYL. Bundle versions (VINYL + CD are also available). More details will be released soon.

12th July 2015:


Another massive thank you goes to DAVE CHARLES for airing AWESOME on his amazing radio show on Sunday. Along with more magnificent tunes his show is packed with 3 hours of tracks you will struggle to keep your legs still. THANK YOU DAVE x The Radio's website is here, while to catch up with DAVE CHARLES shows on Mixcloud, click here.

12th July 2015:


TRACEY EDGES is at it again! AWESOME was aired on Sunday Girl on Siren Radio, along with plenty of artists including our friends THE FRANCEENS. Cheers Tracey, you're AWESOME! (link and pic on the right >>>)

11th July 2015:


the first radio show EVER to air AWESOME is FADEOUT from Dj Cruel Britannia. massive THANK YOU. Much appreciated xx

1st July 2015:


'Sound of Silence' is aired at DARK FREQUENCY on NIGHTBREED RADIO. Big thank you to Piers Sixx!

28th June 2015


Stick a note on your diaries for the 4th July, as the first track ever from VI wil be on line with a lyric video... and it's going to be AWESOME!

20th June 2015


many thanks to everyone, including artists and bands that performed with us at Calvert Stock Festiva. We all raised £4,600.00 for the local children hospital. Well done. Pics in the VISUAL page soon!

6th June 2015


NEW INTERVIEW on CARPE NOCTURNE. Go to the PRESS page to check it out along with more reviews.

25th April 2015


A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our fantastic keyboard player SAM BOLLANDS XXX

23rd April 2015


Big THANK YOU to DARK MOTHER RADIO for playing The Danse Society today!

20th April 2015


Don't forget to follow us on Twitter!

19th April 2015


It's here! The 1st Episode of "The making of VI is on! It contains exclusive clips from the making of our video DOODLEBUG, with out takes, beautiful images from Eden Camp Museum (massive THANK YOU to them for letting us shoot it inside) and some proper "making of" scenes and you can see the 10 cameras mounted around the 40s house.

11th April 2015


A preview of our new video "Bloodstream is now on our YOUTUBE CHANNEL.

10th April 2015


New review of "If I were Jesus/Sound of Silence" on Italian magazine Ascension Magazine & Promotions (IT). Many thanks to Alberto Lutriani. Go to our PRESS page to read it.

9th April 2015


We are pleased to announce the first teaser video from the series "Introducing the making of VI" is now on line on our official YOUTUBE CHANNEL.


Click on the image on the right to watch it.

please make sure you subscribe to our official YOUTUBE CHANNEL.


8th April 2015


This morning we were at 8:30AM at Eden Camp to shoot our videoclip "Doodlebug". The staff have been wonderful and welcomed us to the huts as well as in the 40s house where we had the privilege to shoot the scenes until 10:30AM. We strongly invite to visit the museum, it's a unique experience. The video is now being processed and will soon be on line so please make sure you subscribe to our official YOUTUBE CHANNEL.

7th April 2015


Today we shot all the live scenes for our video "Bloodstream" in Scarborough at the Westwood Campus College. We also shot the "water scenes" in a secret location as well as some scenes in the nearby woods. The video is now being processed and will soon be on line so please make sure you subscribe to our official YOUTUBE CHANNEL.

5th April 2015


We are very proud to announce the title of our 6th album is "VI". Two new singles, respectively "Doodlebug" and "Bloodstream" will soon be out accompanied by two videos. Further announcements and plenty of previews will be posted on our official YOUTUBE CHANNEL, so make sure you SUBSCRIBE in order to keep up with them. The Cover art is copyright of award winning designer artist Callum Nash, who already designed our White Rabbit T-Shirts (see White Rabbit video).

4th April 2015


We now have a Flckr page, so feel free to follow us.




3rd April 2015


A big Thank you to the Scarborough Review for publishing half a page review about our performance at Sci-Fi Scarborough last March.


2nd April 2015


COLLECTORS ALERT: Award winning designer Callum Nash is selling some gorgeous limited edition prints. Remember our White Rabbit T-Shirts? He has also designed the cover of our new album.

Click here to see them.

29th March 2015


We have received kind permission from Eden Camp to shoot our video for Doodlebug (Our next single) next week. We really enjoyed visiting the museum. It is wonderfully offers a fourdimensional experience. We feel very honoured to have such privilege. We will be posting stills and previews for your enjoyment.



26th March 2015


A massive thank you to the Scarborough Comet for posting a great full page review of our performance at Sci-Fi Festival!

We are delighted. Thanks for supporting the local scene.


Dark Waters Alternative festival have sadly announced that the festival has been cancelled. We apologise for all our supporters that bought the ticket. DW have immediately started refunding all the tickets and will make sure no buyer is left behind.


21th March 2015


We were very excited to hear the mighty Tom Robinson saying If I were Jesus is the best we ever sounded and that he liked our video too. We really enjoy his selection of new music on BBC6. Maeth likes the track right after If I were Jesus on the Mixtape. She says the vocals are splendid. Plenty of talent, great artists, please download it and discover really great new music.


20th March 2015


We have our new group on Facebook. Click here to Join.


Yorkshire Coast Gigs have just published some pics from our show at Sci-Fi Scarborough. Click here to view them.



16th March 2015


The Danse Society are on BBC Mixtape! Many thaks to Tom Robinson

15th March 2015


She's at it again! Tracey Edges played 'If I were Jesus" Sunday Girl radio show this morning. Thank you Tracey! x

14th March 2015:


The Danse Society rocked the stage of the Grand Hall of the Scarborough SPA Complex, at the SCI-FI Festival! Thank you to the wonderful crowd and to the organizers for makng the event perfect. Pics on our VISUAL page soon.

7th March 2015


The Danse Society performed a warm up gig with Death Party UK and Dirty Waters. A few pics can be viewed soon in our VISUAL page.

2nd March 2015


Less than a week left to our first gig of 2015! The Danse Society will perform a warm up gig at South Sea in Sheffield. Set list includes golden oldies plus a few tracks from the new album soon out.

Hurry up as there's not many tickets left! Get yours at We got tickets. It's only £ 5.00 on line and £ 7.00 door.

20th February 2015


Very pleased to announce that Death Party UK will be supporting us on our gig at South Sea in Sheffield on the 7th March. More supports to be announced. You can get your tickets here. Also please visit our shows page to keep up with confirmed dates.

15th February 2015




Valentine's day has gone and it's time to show off this couple of fresh made posters!


SCI FI FEST and Calvert Stock promise juicy line ups and plenty of fun.


Get your tickets asap.



15th February 2015


Very happy to announce "Sound of Silence" featuring in Gothtunes compilation, along with many bands, including our friends Arcane Winter!

Please always check our website here to keep up with authentic TDS compilations, gigs and events.




14th February 2015



Happy Valentine's day, Dansers!

09th February 2015


"If I were Jesus/Sound of Silence" is landing everywhere! We are receiving lovely pics from our Dansers, so please feel free to send yours if with you wish. Hurry up if you haven't ordered your copy yet as there's only 300 and they are selling fast! Below a few of the pics we received. Thank you for your continuous support. (left to right, the pics from Sean, Beata, Andrew (fabulous band The Last Cry), Lance and Ricky with his lovely feline Danser!

2nd February 2015


"If I were Jesus/Sound of Silence" has arrived on purple vinyl in all its glory! All the orders received until today will be dispatched this week. Hurry up if you haven't ordered your copy yet as there's only 300.

31st January 2015



We wish a very happy birthday to our Frontwoman Maethelyiah, enduring 4 years in The Danse Society, resurrecting it from the dead.


30th January 2015


We are Artist of the week on Tracey Edges Sunday Girl radio

show on Siren.co.uk. Plenty of great tunes of every sort.


Thanks Tracey, you are a star!

28th January 2015


Very pleased to confirm we will be opening the SCI FI Festival at the Scarborough SPA on the 14th March.


Please keep an eye on the SHOWS page to make sure you have got the right gigs confirmed.

24th January 2015


We are on The Asylum on Switch Radio!

23rd January 2015


"The Seduction 2012" has reached nearly 10k views!

22nd January 2015

If you are on Ello, you can find us here https://ello.co/thedansesociety

21 January 2015


The Danse Society feature on the Scarborough Comet newspaper, and get a fabulous review of "If I were Jesus/Sound of Silence" on the Yorkshire Coast Gigs. You can view both articles and many more in the PRESS page.


15th January


We won't announce the title of our new album yet, but we can confirm it will be out at Easter, and that the cover art is being designed by an award winning artist.

We really can't wait to see it and share it with you, Dansers.

1st January 2015 - HAPPY NEW YEAR, DANSERS!





The Danse Society are co-headlining the Calvert Stock Festival in Devon with Bay City Rollers on Saturday 20th June 2015.








30th December 2014


Proudly announcing 'If I were Jesus' reached N.10 in the TOP 30 Tracks of 2014 in the radio show of the mighty JOHNNY NORMAL, on Radio Warwickshire.



Our new video of 'Sound of Silence' is up in all its glory!

Released by I.A.P. UK with the precious collaboration of award winning artist Callum Nash.

30th November 2014


It's coming!


The Danse Society are very proud to announce our new AA single coming out "If I were Jesus" and "Sound of Silence" (the darkest

version of Paul Simon's masterpiece).

the good news is that it will come in PURPLE VINYL and it is available to pre-order NOW. The delivery is estimated sometime in February and if we're lucky, by the end of January 2015.

Please note that it's only limited to 300 copies so we strongly suggest you to order it now in our SHOP .

Every pre-order placed for the vinyl will receive instant free digital download of both the tracks (mp3 or WAV, your choice).


The digidal download will be available from the 5th December 2015 on Itunes, Amazon etc.




16th November 2014 -




THE DANSE SOCIETY are pleased to announce the band will be headlining the Dark Waters Festival on Sunday 7th June 2015.


Click here to go to the Dark Waters Festival website.


The Dark Waters Facebook page.


Feel free to RSVP on Facebook if you like.


14th November 2014 - BREAKING NEWS


"If I were Jesus", our brand new single (out in december), will be aired for the very first time tonight on Obscure Alternatives radio show, on Nightbreed radio after 10PM!

4th November 2014: THE DANSE SOCIETY are NOT performing in 2014 but are taking on bookings for the new year, so please feel free to join us on Facebook and Twitter and get in touch with your local festivals and venues and put them in touch with our new management at thedansesociety@gmail.com, to see them perform near you. Thanks for your support.



22nd September 2014:

"Come Inside" (St@lker Edition) is now on line!

Original Soundtrack to Italian film St@lker directed by Luca Tornatore, "Come inside" is back in this St@lker Edition. Watch it here or directly onto our Youtube Channel.




October 2014:


The Danse Society are currently working on our 6th and new album. At the moment we have NO GIGS PLANNED but will soon be back on the road. Keep following us here for more information.


22nd September 2014:


"Come Inside" is back, this time on videoclip. We watched the first version of it and can't wait to show it to you. Watch this space.


17th July 2014:


The Danse Society lineup 2014


Lineup announcement. The Danse Society welcome Jack Cooper at the bass. Jack is an incredibly talented musician and we are honoured to have him on board.

Leaving due to other commitments, we wish Lee Jones all the best, he is a very dear friend of ours and a fabulous artist.


13th May 2014:



The Danse Society in Stalker Come Inside, Luca Tornatore Francesco Salvi


The Danse Society are proud to announce that a new version of Come Inside, recorded last year, is the original soundtrack of Italian film St@lker; Inspired by a true story and directed by Luca Tornatore, St@lker is a drama film featuring well known Italian actors Francesco Salvi, Ignazio Oliva, Anna Foglietta, Anna Ferzetti, Alessio Vassallo.


Click here to watch the trailer (In Italian)

Click here to go to the Facebook page of St@lker




We are really, really excited to welcome Lee Jones and Iain Hunter as the new Danse Society engine room. Iain is one of the best drummers we have ever seen, and Lee is an amazingly powerful and creative bass player. We are really excited by this news and looking forward to next evolution of The Danse Society sound.




Firstly I would like to apologise on behalf of the band to all our fans and inform you that we have been forced to cancel the current tour. We apologise to all those who have bought tickets or were planning to come from far and wide to support us, to the promotors and venues and support bands who were joining us on the tour. Paul Gilmartin (Gigi) and Martin Roberts have taken a decision to no longer be involved with the band, which leaves Dave, Maeth and myself to pick up the pieces and decide where to go from here. Once we have had time to review our options I will make a further statement. The Danse Society have always been a team, members have come and gone; Dave Patrick, Paul Hampshire (Bee), Lyndon Scarfe, Steve Rawlings and Tim Wright and this has contributed to our unique and evolving sound and recordings. I am disappointed that Paul and Martin have left suddenly and with no notice, and at a most unfortunate time, but we respect and learn from our past, live and enjoy the present and look forward to an interesting and bright future. Peace and Love to you all - Paul Nash.


More updates on TWITTER and on this space.


GLORY OR GRACE TOUR - CANCELLED - Despite having SOLD OUT our first Bristol gig on the 25th January, The Danse Society regret to inform that the Glory or Grace 2014 Tour was suddenly cancelled due to Paul Gilmartin resigning from the band without notice due to personal reasons and having issues with consistency and unfortunately not showing much care about his band mates nor the band fans. We apologise to all the fans that bought our tickets, of course they will get full refund. The Tour will be reinstated as soon as the new lineup is confirmed and announced. Thank you


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"When Steve retired we welcomed female vocalist Maethelyiah because she's our perfect front woman and any other male singer compared to Steve would have just looked and sounded wrong."

TDS 2011

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Our most recent video "STAR WHISPERER"



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