2016 NEWS

March 2016

30th March 2016


TDS and more cracking tunes are on air tonight on Rock&News with Mirella and Diego @ Infinity Radio Web (IT).

30th March 2016


TDS (Karma Machine) and more cracking tunes are on air tonight on DRAG RADIO @ Sheffield live radio.

28th March 2016


Proudly announcing we are represented by Deadfall Management and booking. You can find their FB group here and their FB page here.

28th March 2016


'VI' reviewed on PUNK ON LINE. Click here to view it in the PRESS page.

22nd March 2016


'VI' reviewed on THE HERALD. Big thank you to Ian Duncan. Click here to view it in the PRESS page.

16th March 2016


Tonight, Maethelyiah is special guest of Mirella Catena on OVER THE WALL (IT) chatting about VI, upcoming gigs and more.


Click here to go to the FB page of OVER THE WALL

12th March 2016


TDS are on Dj Cruel Britannia's FADEOUT along with more cracking tunes.

Thank you x

4th March 2016


Big THANK YOU to RESURRECTION SCARBOROUGH for playing 'If I were Jesus" and "White Rabbit" at their venue. x

Beside, a shot with Paul and Maeth @ Resurrection while fab people were danSing the tunes!

3rd March 2016


Said goodbye to Alan Nash yesterday AKA Nasha who was often found at the front of a TDS (and many many other bands of the era) gig doing the chicken dance - RIP Alan - DANSE MOVE was his fave TDS song. x

February 2016

26th February 2016


New review from THE REVIEW.

Go to the PRESS page to read it

22nd February 2016


New review for VI on Ver Sacrum (IT).

Go to the PRESS page to read it translated into English.

21th February 2016



INTO THE RED is video of the week on PUNK ON LINE



Tracey Edges played 'Karma machine" from VI in her Sunday girl playlist along with more great music and new talents.


Big THANK YOU, Tracey x



Click here to go to Tracey's Facebook page

Click here to go to Siren on line

20th February 2016


New review for VI, on VIVE LE ROCK.

Go to the PRESS page to read it.

19th February 2016


New lyric video out.

"Into the red".

18th February 2016


"Well we are enjoying this immensely! Really love the way it sounds and it's confident, interesting and very dramatic. Love what Paul does with a guitar, Maeth's voice is faultless (and I'm super-critical of vocalists) and the bass, keyboards and drums do what they do for a reason. I can't state how important that is in a band. It's a pretty thing to own too. grin emoticon

Addendum: we were only going to listen to Side One but couldn't not turn it over. It's fucking great! Not in content necessarily, but in feel and possibly intention it puts me in mind of something Wasted Youth or Virgin Prunes might have done before "Goth" became uniform. To me it doesn't sound like a gothic album as such. It's certainly very dark in places but its gathered influences from all over the shop. Even a bit of dub (which Bauhaus also played with, lest we forget) and some ludicrously catchy (almost) pop!! VI is an incredibly dramatic and intelligent achievement that The Danse Society should be very, very proud of.

Unfortunately we can't fit it into our album cupboard so that'll be a bugger to sort. Never mind."


Paul Devine (SIIIII)

3rd February 2016


'VI' on red vinyl is here, ready to dispatch! Big thank you to all our Dansers who have been patiently waiting for 5 months to get their copies.


We promise the wait was worth it!


Beside, a few pics that some of you Dansers have sent.


Get VI on vinyl before the 300 copies run out from our SHOP.


31st January 2016


HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our singer MAETHELYIAH, enduring 5 solid years @ The Danse Society, since reformation.


Click here to go to Maethelyiah's website.

Click here to go to her Facebook page

Click here to go to her Twitter page

19th January 2016


Sadly we hear of the passing of Dale Griffin today. Dale produced some of our John Peel sessions and was a top bloke R.I.P.


11th January 2016


We are deeply saddened to hear Sir David Bowie died today. He remains one of our main sources of inspiration. Black Star is amazing! Our thoughts are with his family and all his fans worldwide.

8th January 2016


NEW REVIEW FOR 'VI' from Ascension Magazine (IT). Big thanks to Alberto Lutriani.

Read it translated in the PRESS page.

3rd January 2016


Paul Nash's friend Dean Peckett sadly passed away today. In memoriam of such brilliant artist and teacher, Paul Nash opened a page on Just Giving to raise funds for the King's College Hospital Charity where Dean spent his last days well looked after.

Along with making donations, friends can also download 'Porktastic', Party Day's final album.

What best way to commemorate Dean?

Donations are still welcome (click right).

A beautiful service was carried for Dean on the 25th January in London.


UPDATE - 12th February 2016- Paul's page raised 2,258.22!

Big THANK YOU everyone for your kind donations x

April 2016

29th April 2016:


Celebrate our 5 year anniversary with us smile emoticon

OFFERS ON (until May 7th):

Get CHANGE OF SKIN (9 panel maltese cross CD) for just £5

Get VI in gorgeous RED VINYL and choose any other item from our store completely FREE (CD, DD, T-shirt) - simply say what you would like in the comment section when ordering or email your preference! Just go to the SHOP page.


27th April 2016:


Maethelyiah's video covering RED LIGHT of Siouxsie and the Banshees in Whitby on the 22nd April with the magnificent GLOBAL CITIZEN is up.


25th April 2016:


Very nice fan video of "The Scarecrow".


20th April 2016:


Very sad news of another musical genius passing, hugely influential in his style sound and performances - massive loss to music frown emoticon RIP you sexy MF Prince x


20th April 2016:


Maethelyiah is on line chattin to Radio Scarborough again, guest of Marc Sinclair!


19th April 2016:


For one week only (in celebration of 5 years reformation) buy VI on gorgeous Red Vinyl and get ANY other item (T-shirt, CD etc) for FREE! simply write what you would like FREE in the comment field on paypal or email your choice to us (while stocks last). Go to our SHOP page.


17th April 2016:


HAPPY BIRTHAY TDS! 5 years today we made our public announcement the band have reformed with singer Maethelyiah replacing retired Steve Rawlings. Click here to know more. Also VI is up on Youtube as a special thanks for your support. Please support original bands and artists, it's your only choice to keep all the bands alive.


17th April 2016:


"If I were Jesus" strikes again! On Sunday girl this Sunday on Tracey Edge's show on Siren UK Radio. Thank you Tracey xx


15th April 2016:


TDS and a rather fine selection of tunes tonight are in the playlist of RESURRECTION SCARBOROUGH. Big THANK YOU for their continuous support.

14th April 2016:


It's APRIL SALE as we are celebrating 5 years of reformation, and we are selling CHANGE OF SKIN, first album since we reformed, at only £ 5.00 (+pp while stock lasts) until the end of the month. Thank you for your continuous support. TDS x

5th April 2016:


New fantastic review for 'VI' from Carpe Nocturne. Click here to view it in the PRESS page.

4th April 2016:


Singer Maethelyiah has published a new note to celebrate 5 YEARS fronting THE DANSE SOCIETY. Click here to read it.

4th April 2016:


Remember DJ Cruel Britannia's blog about a sad band registering a trademark to write us off as if we didn't exist for 5 years? Well it has been updated and such trademark has been legally cancelled. Now all we ask is to kindly respect our 5 years of effort and passion and dedication and ignore any more of this nonsense. It costed us time and money to cancel that unfair sneaky manouvre so now that we proved it was totally illegitimate, please keep sticking to the official band. Thanks for your continuous support.

2nd April 2016


LIVE ANNOUNCEMENT: singer Maethelyiah will be special guest of Global Citizen on Friday 22nd April 2016 at The Resolution in Whitby. It's free entry. See you there. x

1st April 2016


Today at 3pm founder member Paul Nash and singer Maethelyiah are special guests on Radio Scarborough with Mark Sinclair chatting on new gigs to come, VI, upcoming tour and various banter. Click on the Icon on the right to go to the radio's website. Click here to go to their FB page.

Special maltese digi pack



2016 NEWS

24th December 2016


MERRY XMAS AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS with VI now on DELUXE version (includes the AA single If I were Jesus/Sound of silence)

20th Devember 2016


New video from VI Doodlebug up! Shot at Eden Camp last year.

Deliberately tongue in cheek. Enjoy x

Our most recent video "bloodstream"



available on Digital Download, CD and limited edition RED VINYL



Get it on purple vinyl for only £ 6.00 + P&P



Heaven is Waiting as you've never heard it before!

6th December 2016


VI has been added to our merchandise website! check it out x

4th December 2016



TRADEMARKS: UK00003083229 & UK00003083130

belong to us.

After over two years of legal process justice has prevailed.

Promoters, radios, magazines, want to know more? Please email

Management at thedansesociety@gmail.com



We thank you for your support and patience. Now back to the important stuff of making music!!!

Peace and love



3rd December 2016


TDS ane more cracking music on Resurrection Scarborough.

28th Nobember 2016


Don't forget TDS are back at O2 Islington on the 6th May 2017 London, this time with The Arch, with special guests The Faces of Sarah.


You can RSVP on our Facebook event or get your tickets directly here.

19th November 2016


It is finally John Peel day, 2016 Edition in Filey. We shared the stage with many local artists to remember the man and the legend. This was an unusual one off acoustic with Paul Nash, Maethelyiah and Jack Cooper.


Fb event here


A few pics ffrom the event can be seen in our VISUAL page.

16th November 2016 - ANNOUNCEMENT


We are celebrating the results of the appeal that we filed against Paul Gilmartin's opposition on our two trademarks (on the band name and the band logo). After 2 years of legal battle, finally we won the trademarks. please find temporary statement below. You can also read Maethelyiah's statement on her FB page.


'Some of you may be aware that for the last two years we have been locked in a legal battle with Paul Gilmartin (ex-drummer) regarding his registration of a trademark on our logo. He used said trademark to pass himself off as The Danse Society and attempted to stop us from playing as a band by contacting venues claiming they were the ‘legal’ version of the band. The facts are that he resigned from the band at the beginning of 2014 in the middle of a tour, and in doing so relinquished any rights to the band and band name, which never ceased to trade.

It wasn’t until we had messages from a festival promotor that had booked our band to play some 9 months after his resignation, that we found out about the underhanded trademark registration and attempts to stop us playing. This was two years ago and since then we have had to endure many lies, slander and bullshit. NO MORE – Today the decision came through that we had won the appeal and we now own the trademarks to the name and logo of the band, his registration is cancelled.

I am delighted with the verdict, the truth will out, as they say, and we can now continue on with gigs, recordings etc without the constant hassle and trolling. For us it’s about the music, about creating and performing and enjoying the compositions that are The Danse Society. He can have a couple of days grace to re-name his band, and remove our logo from his promotion but in the words from the film Highlander “There can be only one!”

If you were told there was another band with the same name, we are sorry but as you can see it was undoubtedly a hoax.

Ex band members count only Steve Rawlings, David Whitaker, Lyndon Scarfe, Tim Wright, Martin Roberts and Paul Gilmartin.

Any other names claiming to be part of the band are sadly deluded.

Thank you for your patience, your support and your love, we will do our best to repay it to you ten-fold over the next year and beyond. Looking forward to seeing you all out on the road!

We’re so happy :)'

27th November 2016


The Intellectual Property Tribunal has published the final decision on their own website. You can click on this link if you wish to know the verdict that adjudicated Paul Nash and Maethelyiah as owners of The Danse Society trademarks in both name and logo form.

18th November 2016


While we are getting ready for the 2016 edition of the John Peel day, here's an interesting reading. Click on the image on the right to read the content.

8th November 2016



It's confirmed! The Danse Society are back to London at the O2 Academy Islington with The Arch (BE) and The Faces of Sarah. Click on the image below to RSVP and buy tickets.

October 2016

19th October 2016


Resurrection Scarborough is at it again! Big thank you to them and for the huge support they provide to the local scene x

8th October 2016:


Paul Nash and Maethelyiah interviewed by Lee Hare from Radio Scarborough. This is the whole interview. Plenty of past present and future for The Danse Society. Sit comfortable with a cuppa and enjoy x

September 2016

24th September 2016:


A new version of VI is coming soon and it's all over Keith Richards's face! x

22nd September:


More TDS and fab music on Resurrection Scarborough tonight x

4th September 2016:


TDS are back in studio to record two tracks today!

AUGUST 2016:




15th July 2016:



26th June 2016:



A very introspective interview with Muziktology x

June 2016

16th June 2016:



Big thank you to Resurrection Scarborough for playing TDS and more cracking bands x

May 2016

30th May 2016:


VI is now available to listen on Youtube. Click here to listen to it and spread the love xx




22nd May 2016:



Big thank you to Resurrection Scarborough for playing TDS and more cracking bands x


Happy WORLD GOTH DAY, Dansers x


Also speaking of goth, we made it with "The Seduction" in the album singles and tracks that have shaped the goth over the past 40 years on Teamrock.com. Click here to read the article.

18th May 2016:


FIRST GIG ANNOUNCED 17th September in Belgium @ Club B52.

(update: postponed to the 18th February)

Click here to go to the Facebook event x

16th and 17th May 2016:


"The Wolf" from SCAREY TALES is now on scratch video. Click on the box on the right to watch it don't forget to subscribe!



You can also watch/listen to the full album on playlist and buy the extraordinary album/book which comes with it from our SHOP page x


12th May 2016:


Happy birthday to our king of Bass JACK COOPER!


3rd May 2016:


There are many gigs to be announced soon. Please keep an eye on this space for accurate info.. Any other organisation claiming to be the band are not to be retained official. Anyone claiming to own rights over the band name or back catalogue referring to a trademark registration, please note such entitlement has been cancelled because illegitimate and it is an offense to display a cancelled trademark as still active. The Danse Society continue to produce new music keeping the only aim of the reformation going since 2011. We are still here thanks to your continuous support.


Thank you, you're awesome.

Peace and love. TDS x

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